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Speed dating readers

Sometimes those chosen books will be the love of your life. Sometimes, once you're done you toss it to the side and look for something new. Some will hold a special place in your heart long after they are gone. It either works out and there is that undeniable passion or you close that chapter and move on.I know I know, don't judge – oh stop it, we all do it, and there is nothing wrong with that! Only then can you decide if they're worth your time to continue on and see what's written on those pages. The author, Christina Baker Kline, did such a phenomenal job at portraying Maine in not only a beautiful way but a way that locals see and feel it. Since I am a sharer I want to once a month share a book that has captivated my heart, so you too can fall in love. She had lost her job and decided to move to a place she had forever dreamed about, but had never actually once visited.So let mean you have to be super personal on your blog.Being objective, formal, and informational, is certainly a legitimate blogging style.Speed dating is all about making snap decisions about people and relying on your instincts.

Give some thought to your design, especially anything “above the fold” (anything you can see without scrolling). No matter what blog platform you use, there are plenty of free themes you can use out of the box and even more themes you can use if you’re willing to spend a little money.Ultimately, you want your readers to “marry” you – subscribe to your blog and become loyal fans, not just semi-regular readers.So focus on long-term design, consistency, and post quality if you want readers to put a ring on your finger. Some I have even, long after the relationship ended, rekindled it..I fell back into that deep love. Angela Russo found herself in Down East Maine (which is actually up the coast...confusing I know) by way of online dating. I have so many special reads that hold that place in my heart.

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I’ve never done speed dating, but I’ve seen it done often enough to understand how it works: you have two or three minutes to talk to another single before a bell rings and you both move on.