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Liu Clan- the attentions of many were aimed in the same direction where the sound came from. Although the air exuding from his person was restrained, one could still feel his extraordinary temperament. Liu Yun intentionally provoked Liu Qing and started the fight, leading to the man who interfered. Because of your interference the loser injured the winner. You have no qualification to teach others.” Ye Futian’s voice was very calm, but there was a trace of coldness in that calm.It was said that Liu Yuan, the extended side of the Liu Clan, had found a teacher for his children. Ye Futian, Liu Yuan, and Liu Yu walked to Liu Qing’s side. He spoke words that seemed innocuous, as if to ask Liu Qing for advice, but just now he had stopped Liu Qing from hurting Liu Yun, restricting Liu Qing’s actions but doing nothing to stop Liu Yun’s counterattack, which injured Liu Qing. This was bluntly stating that Yan Lu was in the wrong, had no right to preach, and there was no further need to discuss right or wrong. “You arrived very early, watched the fight taking place, but you did not stop it until your disciple was losing.Yan Lu’s eyes stared at the man in front of him but still did not seem to be angered and appeared quite calm.The breath of his body that was blooming from him indicated he was a mid-level sage. There still wasn’t a detectable breath coming from Ye Futian, controlling the rules power that flowed between heaven and earth above the spear and giving out the feeling that his power was quite similar to that of Yan Lu. Ye Futian disappeared from where he was standing, and like a residual shadow appeared in front of the Yan Lu with the long spear stabbed straight out, similarly to the shot that came from Liu Qing. When the spear got close to Yan Lu’s body a heavenly force slammed down, and there seemed to be shadows of spears everywhere accompanying the impending horror, the oppressing space where Yan Lu was. Skill in its extremity became rules, and Ye Futian turned the spear into rules.Liu Qing’s eyes stared at the one shot that Ye Futian stabbed out.

Now they had seen the people from the holy land descending from the sky and coming to their clan. “As you were.” the head leading the delegates of Ocean Palace commanded indifferently and asked, “Where are Liu Shi and Liu Zixuan.” Liu Shi and Liu Zixuan stepped out, and when those from the Ocean Palace saw the two, they had a look of great satisfaction and said, “From this moment on, you two are the cultivators of Ocean Palace.

The two stood amongst the cultivators from the Ocean Palace and looked so harmonious, as if they were where they always should have been, as one of them.

“In the future, I also want go to the Holy land to cultivate.” Liu Qing only felt a sense of fascination, and next to him, Liu Yu and Liu Yan also revealed a look of longing. Ye Futian stood in the crowd and observed it all calmly.

As if because of the emotions, his eyes fixed on at Ye Futian.

“Brother Ye.” Liu Yan also called out, her heart beating violently.

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Unfortunately, after going to the ruins it was unlikely that he would return here. The Liu Clan did not suffer much and continued chatting casually. After all, the Liu Clan was very extensive, and only Liu Yun’s family was really affected this time. It didn’t take long for a person to come and talk to Liu Yu and allow Ye Futian to come with them. All of them wore silvery clothes, extremely radiant and beautiful.