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Svetla vassileva sexy

These included the frankly Amazonian Div4s , a group of four near-identical statuesque sopranos in painted-on frocks.

The glamour stakes were also raised by the uber-elegant Svelta Vassileva, who dueted with Bocelli on pieces from Romeo et Juliet, with scenes from the production in which he starred filling up three giant screens.

But already this young basso's legato, portamento and exquisite articulation brought to mind the great Ruggero Raimondi and made one wish to hear Ellero D'Artegna again soon.

We can, as it turns out: He is singing the role of Timur in "Turandot" at the War Memorial Opera House.

A full 60-piece orchestra under the conductor Marcello Rota accompanied Bocelli throughout the concert, and male and female choirs joined in as required.

As is the custom with his concerts, after an instrumental by the orchestra he appeared straight away rather than keeping us waiting through a warm up act, leaving the stage after each number to rest his voice, leaving guest stars to hold the fort.

So, ever-curious, and intrigued by what you might get for that ludicrous amount of money, I took him up on what would hopefully be a finely crafted once-in-a-lifetime concert.

The handsome baritone, who will sing the role of Stanley Kowalski in Andre Previn and Philip Littell's "A Streetcar Named Desire" at Saturday's world premiere, briefly became Puccini's painter Marcello yesterday afternoon at Golden Gate Park.

He was joined by Jay Hunter Morris as Rodolfo, and they were wonderful.

This, for once, was an incredible disappointment – although obviously there would be few in my situation sitting in a pricey seat that didn’t know their La Triviata from their Turandot, it would have been nice to have some reference, and to be able to read up on who Bocelli’s co-performers were without resorting to Google.

The sense of occasion, that the concert was much more than an everyday occurrence, a real treat to savour, was palpable as it should have been, as we stepped into another world of Italian passions, classically beautiful melodies and sultry sopranos.

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From a few gents in tuxes to plenty dressed down in jeans, you’d have been hard pressed to identify a typical Bocelli fan.

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