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Teensexchat no credit card riquired

Which they were able to achieve in look and feel wise. From morphing into cobra to snake scales on skin, from tree to temple loads of animation and vfx can be seen in Naagin. Morphing is a special effects/technique used in motion pictures and animation that helps to change a image/shape into another through seamless transition.

In past when technology was not so advanced morphing was by stop motion.

But now, loads of software has been developed which helps us to do proper morphing.

In Nagin we can see the use of morphing as Shivanya and Shesha morph into serpents and vice versa. This technique allows us to insert one image/video into another.

With a new season there were other and more advanced techniques used.

In this season this season there are some new features.

The plot of the tele serial Nagin is that two siblings ( Shivanya and her cousin Shesha), who are shape-shifting serpents tries to avenge death of Shivanya’s parents.Like colourful snakes have been added , there are 2 new creatures i.e. To create these new creatures more vfx and animation had to be used as they are a lot complicated than a snake.This was also achieved with the help of Matte Paintings and 3D animation.The use of vfx in all these tele series is similar yet advanced.Like in DKDM we see snow mountains, Peacocks, Mice and many other creatures and places.

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