Updating opensim

Posted by / 18-Jan-2020 02:37

Updating opensim

Both the originating and destination regions must have Hyper Grid enabled.

For Hyper Grid teleports the destination's Hyper Grid URL is specified as region name.

This technology allows that a single Open Sim region is split into multiple processes that can run on the same or different servers.

This way a region can take advantage of multiple processor cores or even split the load across multiple servers.

With the backup and restore functions on the region control panel, you can restore the daily backups of the last 6 days. Be aware that such a restore has to be done while the region is stopped and it overwrites the current region contents.

Once a week we transfer backups to a remote location, to ensure data protection even in the case of bigger incidents.

Additionally we provide 4 slots for user database backups.

These allow you to backup and restore certain states of your Open Sim region.

Some grid owners do that to protect local contents from being transferred to other places.

Freeswitch voice does not support speaker indication, lip sync or voice gestures and has the worst voice quality of all three voice system we offer for Open Sim.

Its advantage is, that it does not require the installation of a special voice viewer plugin.

All our servers use redundant data storage (RAID), to reduce the risk of data loss to nearly zero.

Additionally we automatically create daily, weekly and monthly database backups. Backups of standalone Open Sim regions also contain all data for assets, users, inventories, groups, etc.

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We offer an easy to use, web based control panel, that allows you to manage your Open Sim regions and grids.