Validating addresses google maps

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Validating addresses google maps

Putting aside accessibility and graceful degradation for the sake of simplicity in this tutorial, the last step we need is just to add some hooks into our Javascript: Until Royal Mail sort get their act together, and relax the licensing agreement, hopefully this will help people who want a ‘pure’ Google solution and hadn’t come across this option.Please use the comments section to let me know if you are using this, or if you have any improvements or suggestions.Also note UK is also searched for to guarantee correct results!The result is also rounded to make sure we only have 2 decimal places.Many of us use Google Maps to quickly verify that a location exists or give us an idea of what that location looks like.However, there is a common misconception that it will validate that the address found is correct and deliverable.Unfortunately for us in the UK, Royal Mail keep a tight grip on postcode data.As a result, the best low-budget way of finding postcodes is by using the Google Maps api – which in itself isn’t 100% accurate (but good enough).

You can get them here: will give you a sample page, you need to stick your two API keys at the top of the page, followed by a reference to your Javascript file: Ensure the reference to your Javascript file comes after the two API keys.

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UPDATE: A new version which calculates distance based on roads is available.

If you’re looking to make any kind of radius checker, delivery calculator etc, you will need to have some method of calculating this distance.

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