Vic zhou and ariel lin dating Naked pretoria

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Vic zhou and ariel lin dating

However after attaining what she thought she always wanted, she sacrificed on what she really needed – Wang Wei. Her portrayal of Lala’s emotional journey while going through the struggles and tensions with work and relationship was good.Vic also has natural and great onscreen chemistry with Ariel, making the viewers even more involved in the relationship between Wang Wei and Lala.If you are gal who like old type of series you'll probably praise how they present the love triangle angle in the show.You'll like Xia Mo's (Hsu) masochistic persona, possessive trait of Ou Chen ( Ho) and jealousy of Lu Xi ( Xiao Ming). But to be honest, their characters are poorly established because of the obvious pushy circumstances. And oh yeah, how come that you'll leave your greatest love-- who you snatch from other man, push to marry you and so on so forth when you finally get her pregnant and tell you she's already fall in love with you? These are the questions slash doubts slash confirmations why Autumn Concerto rated better, which if I'm not mistaken showed almost the same time of this drama.As a front, Go Lala Go 2 has a strong main cast lineup that certainly evokes the curiosity to see what these three can collectively bring out in this movie.Ariel Lin plays the role of Du Lala, the modern independent woman who strives to work her way up the social ladder." While watching those scenes, my heart says he just giving justice for his love but in my mind, wow! But I hope Peter Ho will continue to produce series.

From the start, Ou Chen is someone I really don't know how to explain.

Many times it would seem like an inevitable choice one has to make, but ultimately it really boils down to the motivation and the end goal in mind.

In Lala’s case, it was clear she wanted to advance in her career through this once in a lifetime chance to prove her worth to the company.

This romance-drama movie was clear and easy to follow.

Basically the story is about stresses between work and relationship that a modern woman typically faces.

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She is assigned to assist ‘Devil Maggie’ from her company’s New York HQ to negotiate for a merger with fashion label – SC.

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