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I wrote the play because I figured I might as well get something out of this besides stretch marks and cellulite. In the play, I’m a chronic dieter/eater and there’s a skinny girl who can’t gain weight. Five years ago in April 2012, I underwent a gastric sleeve procedure. Of course, that would be too simple…Don’t do it until you’re ready to do the emotional work to keep the weight off. I went on mindful eating retreats to keep emotional eating at bay.There’s an anorexic/bulimic girl, and a big girl who likes and accepts herself the way she is. [It’s called vertical sleeve gastrectomy, and removes approximately 80 percent of the stomach, leaving a portion that looks a lot like a banana. It was five little incisions, I healed quickly and there’s no “rerouting” like there is with a gastric bypass. [Mindful eating is involves savoring food as you eat small portions very slowly and make sure you chew completely.] I don’t want to gain the weight back after this journey. At first, I was low on energy, so I saw a functional medicine doctor—body, mind and spirit—and she helped me determine nutrients I needed and was lacking.31; and, with Jim Carrey, she's busy working on a dark comedy about '80s comedy clubs. Congratulations on the new book and the HBO comedy special. Did you ever think you'd be able to ride the word "cunt"so far in life? I knew I'd be able to ride a cunt occasionally -- if paid enough money.Lampanelli's fans love her because she's not afraid to joke about anyone or any topic in the crassest language heard this side of a I-80 truck stop bathroom. 9 and 10, she does three shows at the Byham Theatre. And hey, who knew the n-word would be so profitable, too? I saw his shirtless picture and I was very impressed.I've been dredging up all this crap from the past and I just thought, "OK, I'm doing the bare minimum here." But still luckily for the fans, it's really fucking revealing and you'll know more about me and my twat than you'll ever want to know. So, if I said to you, "Hey, look at that red-headed cunt," that's a nice thing to say, it's a nice term of endearment, as it were.

I do follow that 80/20 rule so 20 percent of what I eat is to treat myself. I’m not falling asleep at rehearsals, and I can go 12 to 16 hours a day, plus there’s writing time. And I’m motivated: I want to write three more plays! I’ve had to learn how to be by myself for a nice, long time.I can’t eat whole vegetables because of my small stomach, but I love bowls with quinoa and shrimp. I need a spiritual and emotional equal, although I’ve learned that a little late in life.I’m working on me as a human so I can meet the right person. For a while, I did longer-distance running like 5 miles, but that was stressing me and I don’t enjoy that. I do a lot of walking, around the neighborhood or hiking with friends.What do you want to say to our readers who want to lose weight and are thinking about this procedure?If you’ve tried everything, remember this is a tool and not a fix. And look at yourself in the mirror and say, “I accept where I am today.” It will ultimately lead you in the right direction of where you’re supposed to go.

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We can spend hours ruminating about “Why did I eat that? We “diet,” go off that diet, and then start dieting again on Monday. The relationships we craft with food—or other distractions—are often among the most complex in our lives., a self-described “funny and moving journey through [her] experiences with food and body image.”You can see it now in New York City at the Westside Theatre.

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