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The only difference is how they show their emotions. In the beginning, it was strictly sex and maybe some cuddling.

[Read: The reasons and signs behind emotional connections] How to tell he’s getting attached When I was younger, I thought a friends with benefits relationship would be a great idea. Now, he calls you to catch a movie or some ice cream.

We’d have casual sex, hang out, yet not have the commitments of a relationship. If he’s incorporating you into non-sexual activities where you don’t even have sex at the end of it, he’s getting attached. You both text or talk to each other on the phone just to say hi or talk about your day.

[Read: Remember these rules for a FWB relationship] #2 He meets your friends. This is no longer a friends with benefits relationship, there are some feelings floating around. If he didn’t like you, he’d keep his communication levels to strictly hooking up.

[Read: How to decode a guy’s body language] #12 He likes to impress you.

However, if he’s asking your opinion for something serious like emotional or work issues, he values you. Men will not open up to people who they are just having sex with.If he never touches you in public, he may not be developing feelings.However, if he’s more handsy then he’s becoming attached. Now, if the guy isn’t into you for more than sex, he’s not going to tell you anything about his life.But if he likes you and he’s opening up to you, he feels more comfortable to come to you for support and advice.He may text you with good *or bad* news, he asks out to come with him to certain events, and he keeps you in his regular plans. Usually, you wouldn’t rely on your friends with benefits to do anything for you. He surprises you with little things, maybe comes over when you’re sick or takes you to the movies.

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