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Wowprogress not updating achievements

These are the fields we show, and when we show them: Raid information in tooltips simply lists the best progress seen for the player.Mythic tooltips have a lot of parts to them: Role icons included on Mythic tooltips can be thought of as badges earned by accumulating certain amounts of score while playing as that role.This Add On works by storing a snapshot of character data from Raider.IO and then using that to populate information on qualified players.You can view additional details when hovering over Mythic Keystone items, such as: command.When you type this, you will be presented with a small frame where you can enter the realm name and character name to search for.

There is no substitute for talking with your fellow players, so be a pal and listen if an applicant whispers you.An old gnome seeks out the lost city of Mechagon hoping to gain immortality.He finds more than the legends he heard as a youngster, and that living forever can exact a terrible price.Simply hover over a player with your mouse, your guild roster, or even the Group Finder list where you see queued people; if they meet the minimum qualifications then you'll see their score and best run in the tooltip.Additionally, you can right-click players from the standard target unit frame to and then easily look up their full profile on the site.

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